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It is never too late to make a change. To tune into yourself and see what there is to discover. To follow your dreams and transform your life! - Amanda

Picture of Amanda Aten working as a life coach.  She is dressed professionally and has her earbuds and notebook at the ready.

What is a Happiness Coach?

It is easy to lose sight of yourself (or maybe to have yet to truly discover it).  We all grow up in a certain environment, learn to think and act in a certain way, and are constantly surrounded by distractions and never ending social pressures that shape who we think we should be. 


The result is that we get stuck in the habits and the mindsets that end up leaving us feeling dissatisfied and powerless in our lives.  We also develop the habit of turning to those distractions to ease the discomfort we feel in our bodies and in our lives instead of feeling empowered to work on and improve them.

It takes two things to break the cycle: 1) the desire or willpower to make a change and 2) an outside source of information to help you learn to think differently.  My job, and the job of a Wellbeing Coach, is to provide the second half.  To provide the outside information and the mental and emotional support that you need to move forward, to find yourself, and to find your happiness.  You only get one life - how you choose to use and improve it is truly up to you.

How does Coaching work?

Sign up for a free consultation or coaching session online under Schedule or you can contact me directly to ask questions and set up an appointment.  I will give you a call at the appointed time to start the session.  


During the call we will discuss your life, thoughts, feelings, and your desires for the future.  These discussions assist in identifying your goals, obstacles you are facing, and areas for improvement in your life.  It is also an opportunity to learn more about yourself or find deeper purpose.

My goal is to work with you until you can develop the mindset you need in order to appreciate yourself, the people around you, and to work towards living the life that you want to live.

How Often Should I Book?

How many coaching sessions you have per week or per month is entirely up to you, but my recommendation is to have one hourly coaching session per week.  This will keep us on-track towards your goals without being overwhelming. 


It is also good to have a set weekly time for the session so that we can both plan for it in advance, and also to get you in the habit of setting aside time for yourself.

Booking & Payment Policy
  • The initial Session is free to new clients and generally lasts about 60 mins, but if we go over that amount of time you will not be charged.

  • After the free consultation appointment you will be charged at a standard hourly rate of $60 per hour of coaching.  There are no other taxes or fees charged.

  • At the end of your allotted time you can choose to extend the coaching call as long as I am able to accommodate the extension.  In those cases I will charge $30 per half hour added.  I will not extend time without a verbal confirmation from the client.


  • Upon completion of each session you will receive an invoice via email.  It will include a link to make a payment online using a credit or debit card.  This payment is made securely through the Ascend platform, and does not share your payment or personal information with anyone.  


  • The invoice needs to be paid within 7 days or before the next session - whichever comes first. 

  • I will work with clients to reschedule their appointments with no penalty - I just ask that notice is given as soon as possible when you need to reschedule.

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