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I'm Amanda Aten

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a Happiness

Life Coach

My Mission:  To inspire others to make positive changes in their lives, to feel good about themselves, and to support & encourage them as they work towards their goals.


What I Do:  I coach clients who are dissatisfied with their lives (or certain aspects of it) over the phone to guide and support them while we work together to discover what happiness and balance means to them.

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What is a Happiness Coach?

It is easy to lose sight of yourself.  To get lost in a world of being told what to want, what to do, and who to be.  To feel stuck in the relationships, the daily routine, and the habits that leave you feeling dissatisfied and powerless in your life. 

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To me happiness means discovering who you are, learning to love yourself inside and out, building healthy and supportive relationships, doing what you love, finding a good work-life balance, and feeling empowered to make changes in your life so that you can go after what happiness means to you. And that is exactly what I focus on as a coach.

I will teach you how to focus your time and energy on adjusting your world to fit you and not the other way around! And I think that is what happiness is: a feeling of inner-stability and empowerment, and a balanced mindset that embraces change for the things you can control and acceptance for the things you cannot.

What Clients Say

From the first phone conversation Amanda made me feel very much at ease.  She provided much needed perspective as well as tools/ideas to tackle the issues I was dealing with.  That helped to clarify the things that I was worried about, but I think the secret was that Amanda is very helpful in providing a comfortable and non-judgmental space in which to bounce ideas around and find the optimal directions to pursue.  I think the best part about the process is that I got the impression that she really wants me to succeed and is in my corner rooting for me!

- Ivan P.
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The consultation includes (a) learning about you to understand your situation, (b) answer any questions you may have, (c) talk about my coaching style and what to expect, and (d) make sure that we are the right fit for each other based on your needs.